Hello, welcome to The Mama Journal! 

I’m Rupa Sudra Bharadva – ex-digital editor and, more recently, mama to Kai, an energetic (read: never stops moving) 2 year old.

I had the idea for this blog while I was on maternity leave. I thought my time off would be the dream: writing posts while the baby napped for hours… OBVS that was far from reality! Fast forward 12 months, I returned back to work part-time (as a PR manager for a Big Four firm) and finally decided I’d procrastinated enough and made my blog a reality.

Mamas rock! 

The Mama Journal focuses on content to inspire all you hard working mamas out there. Whether you’re planning your return back to work after mat leave, considering a new career or even thinking about starting a new business, or taking some time off – I hope you read something here that inspires you on your journey.

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