Mum of two boys!

Our youngest is now 12 weeks old – and I still can’t believe I’m a mum of two boys. 


Our baby boy (yep, we now have two!) was born at the end of October. And, the last 12 weeks have been a rollercoaster journey. Here’s a little insight into my birth story…

Baby Diyan was born at the end of October. His name means bright light and he has certainly brightened up our lives.

Baby cuddles are the best!

The birth

I haven’t written about my first son’s birth, but in a nutshell it was a long labour, ending with an emergency c-section and a recovery period that was rough.

So this time around, we decided to have an elective c-section. I wanted to feel more in control, especially as we have a toddler to think about too.

Walking into the operating theatre – and knowing that we’d be coming out with our baby – was the strangest/exciting/nerve-wracking feeling.

The c-section went to plan – well almost! The epidural was administered twice (now that was not fun) as it hadn’t spread up my body. Trying to bend on a bed when you’re nine months pregnant and your legs are numb is effing hard!

A little while later Diyan came out kicking and screaming – we think he wanted to stay inside a little longer – and was perfect in every way!

They ended up using staples (yes real bloody staples, eek!) to put me back together. And then we spent a few hours in the recovery room getting to know our new son. He looked so much like his big brother! My heart wahhh!!

Overall it was a pretty calm experience and I am so grateful to the wonderful NHS nurses and doctors at Hillingdon Hospital.

We only had to stay in hospital overnight (I literally did everything I could so we could leave). I was desperate to get home – and felt so guilty being away from Kai.

Bonding as a family

Since then, it’s been wonderful watching our boys get to know each other. My heart explodes every time Kai goes to show Diyan his new toy or get a nappy for him (when he wants to!).

Family of four

But there’s also been moments of high stress and emotion. I wasn’t prepared for toddler regression at all. Kai suddenly wanted to be carried and fed!

Plus, it wasn’t a great time to start toilet training (note to self – never try that again when just about to give birth!).

I’d also forgotten how exhausting the newborn period is. Not to mention the constant anxiety – was he feeding? Will I ever stop bleeding? Will he sleep for five more minutes so I can shower?! How are we going to cope?

And once the baby falls asleep, there’s still a demanding toddler to deal with… so it’s full on… ALL OF THE TIME!

Despite all of that though, time has whizzed by so quickly. And now 12 weeks on, we are settling in as a family of four, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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