Nursery pains

Nursery pains - like breaking into a new pair of shoes!
Nursery pains – like breaking into a new pair of shoes!

My toddler started a new nursery last week and the settling in pains are back… for both of us! 

I recently wrote a long ol’ blog post about moving house and being pregnant with baby number two! You can read it here if you missed it.

It’s been great getting to know our new area – the cafes and shops, parks etc, especially my maternity leave will be starting soon. But, before I can sit back, relax and wait for baby, there’s some settling in that needs to be done! 

Kai was still going to his old nursery up until two weeks ago. Journey time was approx 30 mins one way (on a good traffic day!) so we were keen to find somewhere closer to home. 

We finally found a place that we liked – close enough to home and somewhere we know Kai will enjoy too. I however, hadn’t taken into account the settling in! 

It’s a massive change for him, especially as he loved his previous nursery where he had made friends and knew the staff so well. So it was bound to be tough for everyone. In the first few days, we’ve had lots of tears (from both of us), leg-wrangling and protests of ‘mummy, I don’t want to go to my new nursery!’

This too shall pass! 

I’d forgotten how awful it is – this settling in period – and know it will pass but gosh, it’s heartbreaking! I am hoping that he will be a bit more willing to go in after a few more weeks. Once he’s there, the staff assure me he soon forgets about crying and starts playing.

Sigh, the guilt of leaving him is tough especially when he’s screaming for me. I know in the long run all will be well but can’t help but feel so mean for not going back and breaking him out! 

It will pass but boy, this parenting lark is tough!

I posted my dilemma on twitter and got some lovely responses that I thought I’d add on here in case any of you are facing a similar situation. 

One week on…

My lovely twitter followers were right! It’s almost the end of week two (he goes three days a week) and Kai has really surprised us. Gone are the tears and instead he gave me a big cuddle and kiss before waving me off!

I really was expecting the tears to continue for weeks on end but it looks like he is enjoying his new nursery and maybe feeling a little more settled? Fingers crossed!

Do you have any advice for nursery settling in? Please comment below or message me on Twitter! 


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