Life Update

Hey! It’s been a while since I posted. And a lot has happened, so get a cuppa and settle down for a life update!

Get a cuppa!
Get a cuppa ready… it’s a long ol’ post!

Hey there! I AM ALIVE! I can’t quite believe it was MAY when I last posted #fail. So what the heck have I been doing?

No I didn’t swan off on an all expenses trip around the world, nor did I tick off all the damn things on my to do list.

Life has been pretty manic/fun/crazy: our second baby is on the way, we’ve moved house and begun renovations, and my first baby is (almost) grown up!

It’s been go, go, go with little time to sit down and work on the blog. Finally though after weeks of writing a little bit here and there, here is one bumper blog post of a life update. Get a cuppa and settle down…

New house!

We’d been house hunting for ages. The spec was simple: more space, close to the tube, garden and plenty of room for our family to grow.

After seeing a lot of crappy places and wasting a lot of Saturdays viewing houses that just weren’t right for us we found the perfect house in a lovely village called Eastcote in North West London.

The house needed a lot of work but we decided to go for it. Little did we know it would take forever to actually move in due to some issues with the small chain we were in.

As a result, we didn’t have a clear timeline of when we would move, so most of our old house was packed up in boxes for almost two months, gathering dust. Fun for our curious toddler who suddenly had his very own mega play gym but the novelty quickly wore off for all of us.

It was frustrating to find anything, and the boxes just made each room look like a mess – not good for my anxiety and constant worrying whether we’d made the right decision!

The end however was finally in sight. We moved house on a very stormy and wet July day and despite the weather it was a relatively stress-free day.

Blessing the house
Blessing the new house

House move

We hired brilliant local movers (Homestar Removals) who were amazing. They disassembled our furniture and packed up their humungous truck with all our belongings. I’d highly recommend using movers again – they really did lighten the load!

Our first night in the house was better than I thought it would be – all the beds had been made, the kettle was found and we ordered pizza! And best of all we were finally IN THE HOUSE, which was already beginning to feel like home.

Fast forward to today and almost three months in the house. We knew we had a big job on our hands to get the house in a liveable condition. First up we tackled the re-wiring!

It took approx ten days – and as always, I assumed the worst, fearing the dust would be ridiculous making the house unliveable.

But, thanks to recommendations on our local Facebook group, my husband found the brilliant AA Electricals who were amazing!

They went over and beyond to ensure the house was hoovered after a day of channelling the walls and honestly they couldn’t have been more great!

Now we are redoing the plumbing system with new radiators etc. And hopefully a new bathroom is in sight (please God!) before we welcome the arrival of…

Baby no 2!

Another reason we were in a rush to get into the house is that baby number two is on the way 🙂 and will be with us at the end of October – eek!

Living in this dress
Living in this & Other Stories dress – perfect for a growing bump!

Constant tiredness and feeling nauseous pretty much summed up the first trimester. My energy levels were back to normal in the second trimester which was pretty handy with us moving house. And now, into the third trimester, I am starting to feel completely knackered again, and everything is taking much, much longer.

The main difference to last time is that I can’t go for a nap whenever I want. So I’ve been napping or having a rest when Kai has his afternoon nap and heading to bed a 8.30pm most evenings to get as much sleep as possible!

The new house doesn’t have a bath, so I’ve been relying on massages, every so often, DIY facials and watching lots of feel good TV.

We’ve bought very little for this baby so far as we’ve got everything from before. And while I still need to finish packing my hospital bag, I am feeling a little more prepared this time in terms of what to expect.

And finally, my two-nager!

Everyone said it would happen, but suddenly Kai has turned into a walking, talking little boy! It’s crazy how grown up he is all of a sudden.

He’s now 2 1/2 and more independent now. Conversations are so much easier as he can tell us what he wants or in mosts cases, what he doesn’t!

Rummaging for toys
Rummaging around for toys!

His routine is pretty much the same. Although, he’s outgrown his cot bed so we are looking for a new bed. And yes, the stairgate is well and truly still being used as someone doesn’t like going to bed.

Tantrums have escalated – and often, we don’t even realise what’s causing the drama until the last minute, e.g. “Daddy ate my chip!” “I want to wear my wellies (during a heatwave)” etc.

He plays more independently now – often spending 20 mins + absorbed in a toy. Lego and his V-Tech cars are a real favourite. He enjoys baking, especially when he gets to pop sprinkles in his mouth, I mean on the cakes.

The next big thing is toilet training… but I am not sure he’s ready yet. He sits on the toilet but doesn’t do anything except wanting to flush the loo! So, that’s going to take some time.

He’s aware that baby is on the way – and we’re looking forward to seeing how they get on together!


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