New mum gifts

Now there’s plenty you can buy for the baby, but what about the mama? Here’s some gift ideas and not a bunch of flowers in sight! 

Following the birth of the Royal baby this week, a colleague asked me what my best gift was when I became a mum.

“Sleep!” was my response. The struggle was REAL in those first few weeks.

We were lucky. Our close family rallied around us, and no doubt Megan and Harry will have plenty of support too.

But what do you buy for a friend who has just had a little bundle of joy?

Flowers are lovely but as a new mum, who already has plenty to do, does she really need something else to look after?

Here are my suggestions for new mum gifts, and not a bunch of flowers in sight!

Gifts your new mum friend will love you for!

Five ideas of what to buy new mum: 

Gower Cottage Brownies £24.99 for 12  – You can’t go wrong with food, especially yummy chocolate brownies. These were amazing – made us smile and kept us going for a few days (okay, two!). 

Cook vouchers – A complete life saver for days when your new mum friend doesn’t have time to cook but doesn’t want Dominos again! Cook offers nutritious tasty meals that can be frozen until you’re ready to eat them.

Neal’s Yard Mother’s Bath Oil (£15.50) – This gorgeous bath oil includes organic bergamot and ylang ylang – the fragrance is quite subtle. It can be used by expectant and post partum mamas. Who doesn’t love a soak in the bath! 

Don’t Buy Her Flowers’ Care package – (from £29) – Lovely, thoughtful packages that you can add to with Cook vouchers and magazine subscriptions, plus gin and chocolate!

Vacuum/empty the dishwasher/put out the washing – (costs nada) – These small acts of kindness will be the things your friend really thanks you for! Anything to lighten the load a little will bring joy.


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