The unexpected week

Who knew Kai was ready for a big boy bed? We sure as hell didn’t.

The calm before the storm

It all started a week ago. After a pretty normal night, we were awoken on Sunday morning by the slamming of our bedroom door and a cheery “mornin’!” from our very own Houdini.

Yep, our 23-month-old son Kai had managed to sneak out of his grow bag and cot, aided by a helpfully placed bookshelf and soft-landed on a bean bag.

To say, my husband and I crapped ourselves would be an understatement.

Fear soon turned to laughter, then wonder and finally panic. If he climbed out once, as stealthily as a cat burglar, surely he would do it again?

Meanwhile, Kai was loving his new-found freedom and the ability to do as he pleased in his room.

We installed a stair-gate. It lasted five minutes. And once again, he surprised us by standing at the top of the stairs shouting: “mummy, daddy, downstairs!”. Sigh!

Now, he was no longer wearing a grow bag, we also had a new problem – he no longer would keep on his pyjamas or nappy.

It gets worse…

Fast forward to Tuesday morning, where I walked in to find Kai playing alongside two steaming turds in his cot! Yep he’d managed to rip his nappy off :-(.

By Wednesday, we took the cot side off and put a baby grow on him backwards so he couldn’t access the nappy, but by Thursday night he worked out how to remove this too!

And while, he eventually fell asleep in his bed after roaming around in his room, he’s started waking up in the night (which he hasn’t done for ages!) so none of us are getting much sleep.

The toddler bed
The toddler bed

Every day is a surprise

I was reading this brilliant piece by Hannah Gale recently and it’s so true. We’d finally got into our family groove – found some balance – and suddenly everything’s toppled over as we work out how to get through this new situation.

Guess that’s the thing about parenthood – every day is a surprise. I wasn’t expecting Kai to be ready to move into a bed, but we are going with it. Not sure I am ready though (sob!). It’s another reminder that he is no longer a baby.

It’s been a tough week, and we’ve had to think on our feet to try and outsmart the kid (ha ha!). We’ve done a couple of things to help ease the situation, along with repeating the mantra “this too shall pass” hourly!

Cot to bed transition: some things to consider…

  • Bedding: I bought some “big boy” bedding and also kept one of his favourite blankets in his bed for comfort plus all his favourite cuddlies
  • De-clutter: We removed all the toys and distractions from his bedroom so when it’s time for bed, all he can do is sleep or read books in the dark!
  • Books: Talking of books, I bought a couple the other day to encourage sleeping in his big boy bed. He loves this Charlie and Lola story book and also Goodnight, Mr Panda.
  • Routine: We sleep-trained Kai when he was around four months, and have started following the same techniques again (pat-shush-pat).

How did you survive the toddler bed transition? Would love to hear from you in the comments.

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