The Hot List: January 2019

With temperatures taking a tumble this month, I share the things I would buy again and again, and that simply bring me some much needed joy!

The Hot List: January 2019
The Hot List: January 2019

Hello! If it’s your first time reading The Hot List, welcome…

From culture to beauty, fashion to books, The Hot List is essentially a list of all of things I am loving!

I’ve stuck to #nospendJanuary so this month, I am sharing all things I would re-purchase in a heartbeat and that simply bring me some much-needed joy. Now hurry up February!

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, £15

When I first used this cleanser, I didn’t think it was for me! It was gloopy and I didn’t like the smell. So I shoved it in the bathroom cabinet and forgot all about it. However when my trusty Superdrug Vitamin E cleanser ran out, I gave it another go and LOVED it! It can be used on wet or dry skin so perfect for the shower or to use as a second cleanse to remove make up and the day’s grime. My face doesn’t feel tight after use and actually I quite like the smell. And at £15, I will be re-purchasing if only for the re-useable pink bubble wrap it came in!

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket, £49.90

God bless Uniqlo! If it wasn’t for their brilliant Heat-Tech range, I wouldn’t venture out so much in winter. I recently discovered their brilliant ultra light down jacket that is oh-so-clever. It’s compact enough to wear under a tailored coat, which looks great but does little to keep you warm! Problem solved with this Uniqlo jacket: it isn’t bulky so perfect for layering, and the best bit… it’s so toasty! It’s been my go-to item over the last few months.

Red magazine subscription, £6 for six months

I love magazines! And since I’m attempting to spend less time scrolling Insta, I asked for a subscription to one of my all-time faves Red magazine for Christmas. It’s given me an excuse to curl up with a hot drink and just stop for a few minutes at a time to flick through and read. There is something about physically interacting with a magazine that I’ve missed!

Aicok Masticating Juicer, £89.99

In a bid to be kinder to my body (which has served me well!) I’ve started juicing. I know, what a cliche! But, juicing really appealed to me as it’s a quick way of getting nutrients into the whole family, especially during winter where let’s face it we are battling with the elements as well as colds and flu. Cleaning a juicer, however is not quick or fun! I spent a lot of time researching – there’s a couple of different types of juicer that you can buy (cold-press vs centrifrugal) – and both have their benefits so it’s worth reading up before you take the plunge. I preferred this one because it uses minimal heat, is compact, and quite simple to disassemble and clean!

Reading in Heels subscription, £38.40 for three months

I put Reading in Heels on my birthday gift list as I’ve been dying to try out the subscription service. Once a month, the team send out a new book (usually modern, literary fiction) along with some beauty samples and edible treats to devour while reading. I received my first box just after Christmas and it provided a much needed boost! The Outrun by Amy Liptrot is the first book I received, along with some vegan chocolate, which was quite nice. It’s a book I probably wouldn’t have picked up myself, but am enjoying it. Reading in Heels is a great gift idea for a girlfriend or your mum. I am looking forward to next month’s instalment already.


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