Practical advice to get your dream career

Mishal Husain’s book focuses on the practical skills to gain the career of your dreams.

Practical advice to gain the career of your dreams
Practical advice to gain the career of your dreams

What’s it about?

The Skills is the practical guide to getting the career you want.

Written by broadcaster Mishal Husain, The Skills had me nodding along and scribbling “do this now!” throughout.

Husain offers brilliant no-nonsense practical advice on how to maximise your skills, while sharing examples from her own career.

She currently presents BBC Radio 4’s Today programme so knows a thing or two about climbing the ladder.

And she’s candid about the challenges she’s faced, and how she’s navigated them.

But this book isn’t about being a superwoman or “having it all”. It’s about maximising everything you’ve got.

Husain talks about her work that has seen her interviewing prime ministers to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement, and how’s she’s handled these ‘high stake’ moments.

On the flip-side, she also shares anecdotes about family life, like doing an online shop from Beijing after realising the nappy supply back at home was running low. We’ve all been there!

Practical career advice
Practical career advice

She also features interviews with successful women, like Malala Yousafzai and Tina Brown, who share their own advice/challenges they’ve faced.

The Skills is useful reading, whether you are at the start of your career or thinking of taking a new direction.

I wish I’d read it on my return to work from maternity leave as there’s some helpful pointers on how to re-establish yourself after a break.

The chapters on social media, personal branding and resilience were particularly useful.

And, it’s worth listening to Husain on Elizabeth Day’s brilliant How to fail podcast where she discusses her failings at university admissions and what she thought was her dream job.

Is it worth reading?

Yes especially if you are returning to work, considering a career change or unsure what to do next. This is straight-talking helpful advice that you need to know.

The Skills by Mishal Husain is available to purchase from Amazon.

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