No more returns!

Another load to go back to the Post Office!

I am putting it out there: no more mindless online shopping in 2019. The endless cycle of scrolling, shopping and returning… stops now!

Oh, Instagram how I love thee! Your little squares have made me smile, laugh out loud, and taught me things I never knew.

You’ve also heightened my FOMO, caused anxiety and made me part with my hard-earned cash on stuff that I usually end up returning!

Case in point…

Marks & Spencer launched a dotty jumpsuit late last summer, which was an internet sensation and sold out within hours of it going online.

It looked great on the array of bloggers I follow, and within THREE clicks, it was mine!

Except when it arrived, I knew it wasn’t for me. The elasticated waist felt weird and looked weird. And then said jumpsuit (or should I say sad jumpsuit) sat in its packaging for weeks. Until I couldn’t stop looking at it,I finally took it to M&S to get my funds back.

After that particularly frustrating episode, I’m more conscious of how I shop for clothes online. I often absentmindedly click through to links, even when I’m not interested in buying the items. And, there’s usually a ton of stuff lurking in my virtual shopping baskets for ASOS, &OtherStories that I rarely end up buying.

It’s hardly a healthy way to shop. And no surprise, I am always at the Post Office to send off yet another batch of returns. Not to mention being a complete and utter waste of time!

Swapping a virtual basket for a real one!

Taking action

The constant scroll, shop and return process stops now! Here’s what I am doing…

  1. Scrolling less often: have you seen Apple’s screen time report? Mine was shocking! I will be using Insta/twitter/etc a whole lot less and using the time to do the jobs I keep putting off (kitchen cupboards, I am coming for you!).
  2. Shopping with a purpose: I will only shop/search for stuff when I need something otherwise it’s just a waste of time. And I will physically walk around the shops when I can, ‘cos I actually miss shopping! 
  3. Ditching the FOMO: it’s really OK not to have the latest must-have item ‘cos tomorrow it will be something else. And seriously who has that much wardrobe space as it is?!

Are you a serial scroller/shop/returner? How did you break the habit? Let me know…


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