2019: Ready for ya!

Another year is upon us, and this one is going to be different. No more ruddy resolutions, instead I will get shit done and laugh along the way! First on the list… this blog.

Ah, the start of a new year and the familiar feeling to achieve something, anything, even if it’s to tackle the hand-washing pile (sigh!). But this year, I’m holding off on making pointless resolutions like ‘I will exercise three times a week’ or ‘I will save money rather than spend frivolously’ (I am looking at you, new boots!).

They serve no purpose, and only cause guilt, frustration and anxiety when I don’t achieve them. So this year, I resolve to have NONE.

Most of 2018 was focused on getting used to our new normal – as a family of three – with me returning to work part-time, and Kai starting nursery. I dipped my toe back into blogging, which I love so much, but it was also the first thing to go on hold when life became manic. I spent way too much time stressing about silly things, mostly out of my control. 

So instead of making grand resolutions, this year, I vow to simply focus on the stuff that makes me happy. Small things, big things, silly things – I’m taking a Marie Kondo approach to 2019 and finding a little joy in every day.


2019 – what’s ahead

I will be writing more – I’ve missed it! And, I have some exciting ideas for the blog, which will be revealed later this month. The house search is back on – so fingers crossed we have a new house to look forward to! And, most importantly, watching our little man grow and spending time with loved ones.

Whatever you have planned (or not!) for this year, I wish you all a happy and healthy 2019… the one where we get sh&t done and have a laugh along the way!

The Get Sh*t done kit! 



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