The Hot List, Nov 2018

Copy of The Hot List 24 Oct 2018

Today marks Diwali, often known as the Hindu “festival of lights”. I’ve been celebrating all week by burning my favourite candles – see below for one of my recommendations – and eating all the sweet treats! Also in this week’s issue of The Hot List, the towel that’s saving me time and stress in the morning and the baby changing bag that’s really just for me.

Happy Diwali to all those celebrating! I’m off to get another ladoo…

zoggs-seal-flips-set.jpgZoggs Seal flips, £7.26

These swim toys are brilliant! Kai plays with them during swimming class – you fling them into the water and then encourage the child to “swim” towards them. Cue hours of entertainment when we’re on holiday!

voluspa-2_wick_candle-saijo_persimmon1.jpgVoluspa Saljo Persimmon Candle, £19.49

This is one my of my all-time favourite candles. It reminds me of holidays, and long balmy nights. I really rate the Voluspa candles – they last a long time and look so pretty in their little embellished tins. They make great gifts – and perfect to burn on a night in.

Aquis towel.jpgAquis waffle luxe towel, £35

I hate washing my hair. Correction: I hate DRYING my hair. I’ve never been skilled in the hair department. So, when I stumbled across the Aquis towel, I knew I had to have it immediately! The lightweight, waffle material soaks up water – saving time, electricity and stress. I keep my wet hair wrapped in the Aquis while I get ready and by that time it’s almost dry so only needs a quick blast with the hairdryer. It also folds up really small so ideal to take on holiday or to the gym. Now if I could just get someone to style my hair…

Tiba + Marl Elwood changing rucksack, £140

Black-Elwood_1.jpgI didn’t buy a changing bag until Kai was around six months old. Up until then, I used a Bimba y Lola gym bag which carried enough nappies, wipes and anything else he needed. Then I came across the brilliant Tiba and Marl brand and their multipurpose rucksack and knew I had to get my hands on one. It’s chic – roomy for Kai’s stuff especially when we travel or go swimming – or for me when I lug my laptop to work, leaving my hands free for instagram!



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