How to pick a babymoon destination

A relaxing holiday before baby arrives sounds like just the ticket, but how do you choose a destination?

Booking a holiday is hard enough, but when it’s your last one before you become a family of three (or more) you want to make the right choice. Travel Counsellor Tanuja Sudra shares her tips on booking the perfect babymoon.

Hi Tanuja! What should people think about when booking a babymoon?

I always ask my clients to think about the distance they feel comfortable travelling. Also, consider the temperature – how hot or cold would you prefer? And, don’t forget the humidity which can often make you feel frazzled the moment you step outside. Is the destination a zika free zone? Check the Department of Health’s website. Also think about how accessible hospitals and medical care are from your accommodation, and always check with your GP if you require vaccinations.

Me, six 1/2 months pregnant on our babymoon in Gran Canaria

What are popular destinations and why?

+ 7 hours: If you’re planning on a long-haul destination, Sri Lanka is zika free!

Up to 7 hours: Dubai is popular during our winter. Temperatures are comfortable, approx. 20 degrees. Plus there are good hotels with a high standard of facilities and cleanliness. During the winter, there are often great offers as it is the low season.

Up to 4 hours: Canary Islands. A good year round destination but perfect during our summer when temperatures elsewhere in Europe are very high. Good standard of hotels.

Up to 2 hrs: Spain or Portugal. Better to visit during our Spring and Autumn. Avoid the summer when it is hot and very busy.

Any no go places?

Check the Zika Virus isn’t prevalent. Where vaccinations aren’t required – avoid Africa, except for South Africa. USA and Canada – check your travel insurance as premiums are higher in these areas and they may put on a supplement to visit whilst you’re pregnant.

Any tips when booking? How to get a good deal?

I would recommend booking with an expert, a travel agent who can take into account the pregnancy and ensure all the above are considered. They can take the stress out of booking and make it a worry-free holiday.

Did you book a babymoon? Where did you go and why? Comment below!


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