Dresses are my choice of workwear

During maternity leave, I pretty much lived in anything that had an elasticated waistband, which to be fair has its benefits! But now I’m back at work, I want to look and feel smart so it’s only right I’ve spent approximately a gazillion hours Internet shopping. I used to spend hours, days even, shopping to my heart’s content but now with a little person in tow the Internet has become my new best friend.

I’ve never been one to wear a suit. And fortunately, I can wear smart casual to work… But what does that actually mean in real life? Well for me, dresses are my go-to piece. Not only do they look smart, make me feel good and more importantly take a minute to plonk on over my head. They are a savvy investment. Most of the dresses I own or have bought recently, can be dressed up or down, therefore increasing price per wear.

These are some of my favourite picks on the high street right now…


1. Mixed spot wrap dress, Topshop, £46

2. Asymmetric sleeveless red dress, Warehouse, £69

3. Lip ruffle dress, Oasis, £39

4. Striped textured midi dress, Mango, £49.99

What’s your choice of work wear? Any brands you love to wear?


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