Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine


This heartwarming and surprisingly funny book will reel you in from beginning to end.

Every so often, you find a book that grips you so tightly you can’t put it down, even if it means forgoing precious sleep time (and I need my sleep!).

Gail Honeyman’s debut novel Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine centres around office worker Eleanor who leads a simple life. In some way, I think we all know an ‘Eleanor’ character that we’ve worked with. She shies away from any form of social interaction, always eats the same meal deal for lunch and wears the same clothes everyday. Life is timetabled to every inch. But through a simple act of kindness, we slowly understand there’s more to Eleanor than suspected.

Honeyman’s writing is superb – and the character of Eleanor quickly draws you in. Be prepared to laugh and cry as you will Eleanor to break through the darkness of her mind. The book’s poignant focus on loneliness is a reminder that we are increasingly becoming isolated. And that sometimes, just one kind word could make all the difference to someone.

I didn’t want the book to end – once it did, I missed Eleanor and watching her from the sidelines as she turned her life around. It’s a wonderful book, which I thoroughly recommend.

Have you read Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below or via Twitter.

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